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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So, I've recently read Ayn Rand's "Anthem" and now I'm on to GRR Martin's "A Feast For Crows" (4th in the Song Of Fire and Ice series). Makes one wonder about what the role of an author should be, or could be. If you're a socially conscious, or conscientious, person, and you're hoping to make a career out of writing, are you obligated to write pieces that will in some way better the lot of humankind? And, of course, that's all dependent on your perspective and what you think humans need to change about themselves and their worlds to be "better". I suppose a member of the Taliban might have a slightly different viewpoint than an ACLU attorney. Is writing simply for entertainment value a worthwhile occupation? It's like the film industry. All the film festival winners seem to have some sort of social statement to make, but the commercially sucessful ones are just entertaining. Toni is studying CG and wants to go work for WETA or some outfit like that. I wonder what the weather is like in NZ . . . I want to write fantasy novels. But neither of those seem to be a very "worthwhile" occupation. Does it have to be? Can liberals ever let go of their compulsive need to save the world? :)(Toni says she doesn't give a fuck)

I liked "Anthem", even though it was so anti-communist/socialist/collectivism. Kinda smacked of Huxley's "Brave New World", but a whole lot bleaker. No sex!!!! What a way to live! More like 1984, I guess. And of course, AFOC is great, the continuing story of the war of the roses transposed to Westeros. I wonder though, when Martin sat down to write, did he assume all his readers would have already read the first three books? I suppose it's a reasonable assumption - after all, why would you start with book four? But there must be some poor readers who simply wander into the bookstore and pick up the latest one and only have enough money to buy one book so they get this one, and . . . they would be forever lost in the eternal twists and turns and hundreds of characters that Martin is so incredibly talented at coming up with. Most fantasy seems so repetetive, but for some reason, Martin's work, especially his characters, really appeals to me. It's more like "Historic fantasy", if there is such a thing.

Well, to respond to the comments left so far: Cabbie - bad luck dude. You shoulda read Tom's tips for breaking the news to the SO before you did it.

I think most people are mutl-sexual - they could really be open to or try different things as they go through life, are in changing circumstances, and meet different people. But most people are too constricted by our culture to actually act on their feelings. I think there are all varieties of sexuality, a spectrum you might say. But most people just think there's only gay or straight. Even bisexuality seems to be defined as people getting it off with both sexes at the same time, not literally but in terms of having a partner of each sex. But I don't think that's the way most "Bi" people are. I think they just don't care about the gender of the partner thay have, but they're monogamous usually, at any given time. Things just seem to have clicked for me and Toni, and as I was already with Robbie, she accepted that and it just worked out that she clicked with both of us. Maybe that's not the norm. But she has told me she has no interest in either other guys or girls, so that's cool. She said she'd be jealous if I wanted to see other women, but doesn't have a problem with me and Robbie being together, I'm not sure why. I'll have to get her to post on here sometime.

Honey - I read your blog, except the story thing. I thought I'd ask Toni to read it and get her opinion of what you've said there. I never realized dicks were that important to women - guess that just shows what a moronic male I am. I wonder if Toni ever feels that way . . . . . .

Tom - I left a comment at your site. Hang in there dude.

Thanks for reading and writing.
Next time

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The world is an insane place

Just a random thought: why do people care so much about one person's death when so many are dying all over the world every day? Why do death penalty activists work so hard to save one person when the US is killing hundreds each day, if not thousands, with bullets and with our economic structure? Why do we allow the media to rule our lives and why are we so poorly educated and socialized that most people in this country can't focus on more than one very limited thought at a time? Alright, I'll shut up now. No, wait. I'll say this too: I don't care that Tookie Willaims is dead. He was a bad person who did very bad things. But I do wonder when our "justice" system will actually administer true justice. I've read that in the UK they have a very low murder rate, attributed mostly to the extremely stiff gun control laws in place. They also have no death penalty. We, on the other hand, all carry guns, and when someone murders another, which happens, what? Fifty times a day? Then we punish the perp, sometimes by killing them. Can't say I see the sense in it, but then again, I'm not a Republican.

OK, well, that's enough of that. I've been looking around the web these past few days, just to see what's out there as far as this "polyamory" thing goes. Funny, I didn't even realize there was a word for the realtionship we're in. I asked Toni, cause she's the brains of the operation here, and she said she'd heard of it, but was under the impression that it meant something more like swinging. Seems there's even some symbols for it, like, you know, the yellow ribbon to "support our troops", or the rainbow for gay pride. One of the most common for, let's call it a multiple partner relationship, is a parrot, muticolored usually. Well, this seems really weird to me, because I never thought that much about us, I mean me, Toni, and Robbie, as being any sort of phenomenon that fit into some identifiable group. I'm not even sure that we do as what I've read leads me to believe very few "polyamorous" individuals actually live together as a trio, or quartet, or whatever. And those that do seem to be primarily two bi women and a straight guy. I guess polyamory wouldn't necessarily require members of the opposite sex. It could be three guy, or three girls, etc. One site tried to define it as a responsible, committed, multiple partner realtionship, which sounded about right to me, as opposed to just swinging. But, in our situation, even though Robbie and I are "committed" to one another (sounds so serious - puts me in mind of a mental institution, being committed), he still dates girls, who aren't part of the realtionship. On the other hand, Toni and I are also "committed", but we don't date anyone else. Toni is straight and says she has no desire for other guys (she says it's hard enough to keep up with two). I dated (girls) before I met her, but now, having found the two loves of my life, why would I need any more? So, I guess you'd say, in our case, things are kind of fluid, but also stable. How does it work so well for us, when so many people seem to think this would be impossible, mostly from a possessiveness/jealousy angle? I'll have to ask Toni and Robbie their thoughts on that.

Next time, then.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Why is three the perfect number of people to be in a realtionship?

Because there's just enough space on the shower curtain rod for three towels. :)

OK, well maybe that's not the best reason to be in a relationship. BTW, Cabbie - Hi! . If you leave another comment, I'm curious as to how you "found" this particular blog. I guess it's best to list it in some directory or another. Don't know what advice I can give you, but I can try. And, yeah, I've got a pic but I'm trying to decide whether to put it up or not. It's not like we try to "hide" who we are, but . . . you know, the web and all.

So, well, here's a little more about us. I've been looking around a bit and maybe our lifestyle is a little bit unusual. I guess when most people think of a threesome, they think of two girls and a guy. But I don't know why. I mean, why should it be more acceptable or normal for two girls to be bi, with a straight guy? I don't know what the stats are for # of bi women v. # of bi guys, but I should think it would be about the same???? Anyway, in our case, Robbie and I have been together since we were about 15. I don't know how it happened - just two guys hanging out together, and then we kinda figured out we were attracted to each other. One thing led to another and . . . But we still we're definitely checking out the girls. We became lovers but still had girlfriends too. Some of them knew about us, some didn't. Some cared, some didn't. But, at least for me, I wasn't really interested in other guys, for some reason. When we got out of high school, we got an apartment together. We were still dating/ having relationships with girls. Then I met Toni, and, well . . . guess I'll save that for next time.

So, anyway, if you stop here and are really bored, say HI.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

First time

Do you remember your first time? Blogging, that is. Not very scarey, but a little confusing, at least for simple minds like mine. I need to get Robbie to help me out - he's the comp whiz in this household.

Well, don't know exactly what to write, but I'll just say hello, to anyone bored enough to stop by and read this. If you ever leave a comment, I'd be interested in knowing why you are reading this. I mean, I've not read that many blogs myself, and many of them seem very random. I'm just wondering what the attraction is? For me, I just wanted a place to put down a kind of journal of my life with the two peole I love, kind of a record of our lives. So, maybe that's not too exciting to anyone else. We'll see I guess.

I'll keep this short until I've more time to reflect and ruminate.